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OIF and OEF veterans are filing lawsuits against the Islamic Republic of Iran. If you are an Iraq/Afghanistan veteran injured in combat, you may be eligible to join the lawsuit.

It is well known that Iran supplied terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan with several weapons, including EFPs and IEDs. Iran also trained terrorists to fight against the U.S. armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What do the acronyms EFP and IED stand for?

EFP stands for Explosively Formed Penetrator and IED refers to an Improvised Explosive Device. Both yield a disastrous impact on armored transports and the military personnel carried in the vehicles.


Why Are Veterans Filing
  a Lawsuit Against Iran? 

It has been well documented that the United States was aware that Iran was principally involved in the insurgencies in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Also many believe that Iranian terror groups were beneficiaries from billions of dollars of funding.

These groups of terrorists were receiving laundered money from certain banks. Thus facilitating terrorist groups in the production of lethal explosive mechanisms.

​​​​​​​The lawsuits alleged that United States servicemembers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq were killed, hurt, and maimed by the weapons and training from Iran.

Are You Eligible? 

You may be qualified to join the lawsuit being filed against the Islamic Republic of Iran. To be eligible, you must be a veteran who sustained a combat injury in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Also, you must have been injured while serving in Iraq between June 2004 and December 2012 or Afghanistan from April 2007 through January 2019.

What Injuries Are Covered?

Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans with the following injuries are strongly urged to get legal counsel

Combat related injuries including blast injuries

IED/EFP/IRAM related traumatic brain injury and physical injury 

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of limb
  • Loss of vision
  • Scars
  • Shrapnel wounds
  • Spinal cord injury

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If you are a veteran or servicemember that has suffered a traumatic injury while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, you may be entitled to certain benefits from the lawsuit against Iran.

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The Case Against Iran Sponsored Terrorism 
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps and it's Hizbullah proxy serve as expeditionary forces for Iran throughout the Middle East, with the latter coordinated terror attacks and fundraising activities in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  

"State-of-the-art roadside bombs — Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) — from Iran in particular were undoubtedly the most lethal Iranian weapon used against British and American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus the analysis that follows by two former British officers is of extreme importance to anyone concerned with halting the destabilization of the Middle East and the future security of the region."

- Amb. Dore Gold
"Iranian military action, often working through proxies using terrorist tactics, has led to the deaths of well over a thousand American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade and a half.

Iran paid Taliban fighters $1,000 for each U.S. soldier they killed in Afghanistan. The Sunday Times reported that a Taliban operative received $18,000 from an Iranian firm in Kabul as reward for an attack in 2010 that killed several Afghan government troops and destroyed an American armored vehicle.

Throughout the course of the campaign, a variety of weapons flowed into the country through direct purchases by the government of Iran. These included Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs)."

- Major (Ret.) Chris Driver-Williams


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Successful Anti-Terrorism Legislation and Compensation

The Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act of 2018

Under this act, signed by President Trump on October 3, 2018 unintentional loopholes in the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1992 were closed. The foreign banks that were exposed funding Nations like Iran, State Sponsors of terrorism were permitted to escape paying claims.

Foreign banks' illegal funding can be tied to over half of U.S. casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. The banks claimed the terrorists acts were 'legitimate acts of war' and thus took advantage of the loophole. American service members now have the same protection provided all American citizens under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Congressional Action on Compensation for Embassy Bombing Victims

Congress included a provision providing compensation to U.S. Embassy employees and citizens injured in the East African Embassy Bombings. As well as to the families of those killed.

No prior compensation had been provided to the families and survivors of the casualties in the Al-Qaeda attacks of 1998. Money seized from terrorists will be used to award compensation to U.S. victims of terror, including the Beirut bombings, Iran hostages, and others.

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund 

Shortly after 9/11/01 The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) was created by an Act of Congress.

Additionally, Federal Legislation, The Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act compensated air carriers for losses incurred by air carriers as a result of terrorist attacks.

Attorney General John Ashcroft appointed Kenneth Feinberg to act as special master of the fund. At the end of the process $7 billion was awarded to 97% of the families.


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Join the IED/EFP Roadside Bomb Injury Lawsuit Against Iran


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I can file the IED-EFP roadside bomb injury lawsuit?

​​​​​​​If you are an Iraq or Afghanistan military veteran and were injured by an IED or EFP device, you may be able to file an IED-EFP roadside bomb injury lawsuit under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act. 

Iraq & Afghanistan war veterans with mental and physical impairments from IEDs, EFPs, IRAMs, and more may be able to join the Iraq War Veterans Lawsuit for the Anti-Terrorism Litigation Fund.

Who are the plaintiffs in the Anti-Terrorism Act Lawsuit?

​​​​​​​If the affected veteran is alive, the veteran will be the plaintiff in the injured veterans lawsuit. If the veteran died while serving overseas, the survivors will be the plaintiff in the terrorism lawsuit.

​​​​​​​Survivors include children, family members, spouses, and in some cases, ex-spouses.

Anti-Terrorism Act lawsuit plaintiffs can be: veterans with mental impairments,
veterans with physical injuries, dependent children, survivors, family members and ex-spouses.

If I file the IED-EFP roadside bomb injury lawsuit, will it effect my VA disability benefits?

​​​​​​​Lawsuits that seek out payments from the Iraq & Afghan War Fund fully separate from VA disability benefits.

Even if you’re receiving VA disability benefits, you may still file a claim that’s centered around an IED/EFP roadside bomb injury lawsuit. Filing the IED/EFP does not affect the previous disability claim.

But, if you were injured in either Iraq or Afghanistan, you may also be entitled to VA disability benefits. If you have been denied, we can fight to help you get the benefits that you deserve.


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